Five People To Avoid in Life

People to Avoid

Throughout life, you’ll meet your fair share of friends and foes. And sometimes you’ll find that you are surrounding yourself with someone who you call a friend but is much more of a foe. Maybe they’ve changed as a person throughout your friendship or maybe the more time you’ve spent with them, the more you’ve actually gotten to know them. Whatever the case may be, you’ve got to realize when the drawbacks outweigh the benefits of a friend. Below are the top five biggest foes I’ve and almost everyone else have run into throughout life.

  1. The constant self-critiquer. This is someone who can’t go a conversation, hour, or day without insulting themselves and most likely looking for someone else to disagree. This is just a lot of negative energy to be around, and no one needs that. Plus, misery loves company so these insecurities might become contagious after a while.
  2. The only happy for themselves person. The person who isn’t happy for your success but annoyed that it’s not theirs. They can’t seem to put aside their own needs to be happy for your own happiness. It’s all about them and that should be the end of your relationship with them. This isn’t someone who is loyal or generous.
  3. The judgmental person. They judge everyone and everything. Nothing is ever good enough, and no one is ever perfect enough. They find fault in everything and love to point it out. This is probably my least favorite person in the universe. Being cynical and pretentious is actually the most unattractive quality ever. Avoid this person at all costs.
  4. The peer pressurer. Someone who makes you feel really bad for staying in on a Saturday night when you’re behind on work or sick. Someone who constantly tries you to join in on their bad decisions. Someone who makes you feel like you can’t say no when it’s all you really want to stay. This is toxic and unfair and so are they.
  5. The dependent person. This is someone who depends on other things and other people for their own happiness rather than themselves. They need other people to convince them they’re good enough or happy enough. But what they really need is to develop the strength it takes to take responsibility of their own life and happiness.
So as you go through life, make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who benefit you and your life. In the words of my mother, “the people you choose to date or be friends with should always be people who teach you how to become a better person.” And trust me, this advice has never failed me.
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