Embracing the Balance of Your Clique

You have probably heard of the phrase ‘You Can’t Sit With Us.’

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For women age 25 and beyond, this coined phrase is mostly true. Every woman reaches a point in her life when she feels comfortable with her small group of go-to girls. When you have the right friends it’s easy to feel this way.

Most likely, the people in your circle come from different facets of your life – high school, college, work, friends of friends and so on. These friends shape and mold you in some form or fashion. Just like a balanced diet, it’s always best to have a balance in your inner circle. There’s the “Party Girl” friend who is always down to do something crazy. There’s the “Focused on My Job” friend that lives and breathes her career. There’s the “Married and Blissfully Happy” friend that luckily found her soul mate and lived happily ever after. And then, there’s the “Free Spirit, Go With the Flow” friend that has no direction in life and doesn’t care to. There’s plenty more friend types that we could list, but you understand.

The point is best friends are all different, yet the same. There is something that draws us to each other – a perfect balance. No matter what type they are, here are 5 essential qualities each best friend should have:

1. They don’t judge.

Everyone has said or done crazy, questionable, things at one time or another. Shotgun tattoos, way too much alcohol, pink hair, stupid boyfriends, stalking your ex, falling down and last minute road trips to name a few. We’ve all been there. These moments are vital in life’s handbook. Without these experiences, you turn out to be a politician, and no best friend would let that happen. Hold on to the friends that genuinely don’t care that you’re a lunatic. As long as you’re not hurting yourself or someone else, who cares? We only take so many trips around the sun.

2. They are blunt and brutally honest.

While the best of friends won’t judge you, they have an equally important obligation to reveal the ugly truth. The outsider always has 20/20 vision so trust them to give you the best insight. You may think you know what’s best, but don’t underestimate the advice from your besties. If they aren’t making you a better person, why are they in your life to begin with?

3. They don’t care if your place is a mess.

If you don’t have to clean your entire house, apartment or condo before they come over, then you have a keeper. Best friends know one another. If you’re a messy person, chances are your best friends already know this. There’s no need for a mask (refer to number 1). Number 2 will become relevant if your messy habits get out of hand.

4. They let you sleep on their couch.

Whether you’re going through a tough breakup or you’ve had too much to drink, a best friend’s couch is always open. Breakups are rarely easy to deal with. You may just need to be in the presence of your greatest listener so you can ‘wine’ about it.

5. They always have a bottle of wine ready to share with you.

Whether you’re mourning a loss or celebrating an achievement, your best friends will have a chilled glass of wine with your name on it at all times. They should point out – and bring out - the best in you. Regardless, always celebrate life and each other. Sometimes a simple phone conversation and a glass of wine is all it takes to soothe the soul and warm the heart.

Cherish your inner circle of crazy, loving and loyal best friends. They are there for you in the biggest and smallest ways.


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