Dear Jack: Far from fancy footwork


Dear Jack,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 5 months, we went to the pool this past weekend and I noticed his toenails were rancid (greenish, cracked, etc). I was almost scared for him to get in the pool. Is it weird/rude if I bring this up?
Hey Toe-nail Tammy,
Just some background on this for y’all. I have a good friend who went to school with me who dated/now engaged to a girl that insisted that he get a pedicure. She doesn’t demand much, so he went ahead with it. So he asked me to go once, and I went (reluctantly at first), we drank beer, sat in the massage chairs – it was just like Sex in the City, but for dudes.
So my answer to your question, is no it is not weird. Bring it up, offer to pay and sit his ass in the chair. This is one of the easiest battles for you to win. Enjoy your 4th of July and I hope this helps.
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