Dear Jack: Blown Off?



Dear Jack,

Is this guy trying to blow me off?  We had gone on some dates over the past two weeks — he kept on telling me he couldn’t wait to hang out with me next week.  Then I get a frantic voicemail rambling on about how he was trying to “sort work things out” (he has been unemployed for awhile).  I return his call and he basically tells me that he needs to reevaluate his life and is “scared” things may get too serious.  Is he full of shit?

Hey Curious Catherine,

First off, why the hell would you date a guy that doesn’t have a job (unless he has enough money to not work)?  I mean seriously, what is in it for you — you can kiss nice dinners, clothes, vacations, etc.  goodbye.  And then you need to say hello to awkward conversations he will be having with your friends and family — i.e. “So what do you do for work”?

But on to your question, yes – he is totally full of shit and blowing you off, sorry.  If the guy is unemployed he should want to be hanging out with you; given he may be job hunting 2-3 hours a day – the rest should be occupied with thoughts of you, right?  He should have plenty of time and emotion and love to pass around.  Put him in the loss column and move on!

Hope this helps,


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