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Blow outs.

In my book, blowouts are top five in life’s greatest luxuries. And since nobody does big hair quite like Texas girls do, it’s only natural that Dallas would be a mecca of awesome blow-dry bars.

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If you haven’t heard of Drybar before, no judgement… but have you been living under a rock? Drybar has locations across the country, including three in Dallas (Highland ParkNorthpark and Plano) as well as one in Houston. As one of the pioneers of the blowout bar concept, Drybar is–for many of us–the obvious blow-out bar choice. Drybar charges $40 per blowout… but they’ve really mastered the concept of “buy-more-save-more” with their bartabs! Unlike many salons that charge a fixed rate per service, Drybar allows its customers to purchase three blowouts for $115 (saving $5), six blowouts for $225 (saving $15), or 12 blowouts for $440 (saving $40). Can you say BOGO? Also with a great line of products (I particularly love their “The Chaser” shine cream“Hot Toddy” heat protector and frizz fighter,“Cream Soda” smoothing cream and I positively swear by the “Detox” dry shampoo–that stuff is infallible!), Drybar is hard to beat! And umm… Did I mention they booze you up? A+, Drybar. A+.


Have you heard of braid bars? Well, Dear Clark’s Blow Dry Lounge in Uptown is the latest blow-out bar to hop on the braid bar trend. Like Drybar, Dear Clark also uses all of its own products–but their blowouts (which include five minute scalp and neck massages) only cost $35 per session! I’m a fan of adding on a “Double Dose” to blowouts–for $20 more, you get a deep conditioning treatment to tame those mangy locks. Another option is to get an awesome braid: for $20 if that’s the only thing you’re getting, or for an additional $15 if you’re also getting a blowout. Though its hours are fairly limited, Dear Clark’s Blow Dry Lounge is about as luxurious as you get (it even has complimentary valet!).

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Another member of the $35 club? Lure Salon’s Lurebar. I mean really: those names even scream ”chic!” Located just down the street from Dear Clark’s Blow Dry Lounge, Lure Salon is home to a pretty expansive selection of high-end hair products. Obsessed with Kerastase, Oribe or Intelligent Nutrients? Lucky you, because Lure Salon has them all. Have I sold you yet? Well calm down because I haven’t even gotten to Lurebar’s awesome selection of services yet! Like I said previously, Lurebar’s standard blowout costs $35–that includes a shampoo, a blowout and one of their signature cocktails. For $10 extra, you can add on Lurebar’s hair treatment: a hair mask and a five-minute-long head massage.You can also add on the use of hot tools (such as a flatiron or curling iron) for $10 extra. Want to make those hair masks and hot tools worth it? Buy a four-pack of blowouts or go all-in and start a monthly bar tab. For $125, you can get a four-pack of blowouts. Though that doesn’t include the use of hot tools or hair masks, it does save you $15 so you can go carazay a few times a month and treat yourself without totally busting your wallet. Even better idea? Get a monthly bar tab. That includes four blowouts, two hair treatments (or uses of hot tools), and 10 percent off all Oribe products in the store… all for $150. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal!


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Last (but certainly not least!) is Pouf. My coworker is completely and totally obsessed with this salon… and with good reason! This salon is seriously a one-stop shop for all your hair (and face!) needs. Let’s start with the basics: the blowout. Pouf’s blowouts include a shampoo, a condition and a scalp massage… all for only $35! They have some great styling choices available, ranging from the “Marilyn” (old Hollywood waves) to the “Brigitte” (about as voluminous as a blowout comes).

Need a little something extra for your night out (or it’s just too dang hot outside for you to even think about wearing your hair down)? Get an up-do! Starting at $75, Pouf’s up-dos are about as cute as can be.Their styles include the “Grace” (an up-do with a crown braid) and the “Liz” (a beehive ponytail). But, you can also get a “‘Do You” and just get whatever your heart desires–on or off the menu! To round out their hair offerings, Pouf also has a full list of other services: extensions ($300), a braid bar ($10-$60), hair treatments ($15) and even keratin treatments ($300). And I haven’t even touched on their makeup! Whether you want a full face to wear to the Oscars (including fake eyelashes!) or just your eyes and lips done up to impress, Pouf’s makeup offerings are pretty stinking awesome (and for $20-$70, how can they ever be beat?!).


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