Dear Jack: My boyfriend rifled through my texts


“My boyfriend went through my text messages and found a couple texts that were from other guys (friends) but still questioned me about why they were texting me.  What should I do?”

Hey there Tara the Texter,

Right off the bat, it looks like he may have a trust issue.  I dated a girl once who dug through my phone and found nothing great but some texts from friends, funny guy group texts with photos of us acting like idiots during a college football home game, and she flipped.  Everything was PG-13 on my phone and no “lets watch a movie texts” at 3AM.  When she flipped out – I told her the door is that way.  This type of stuff always sends red flags for me.

But this me and you have “gotta do you for you”, if you are OK with your boyfriend digging through your stuff (and by stuff I mean drawers, car consoles, emails, etc.), by all means keep the guy around (and have a relationship built on thinking the other one is doing something shady).

So yea, if I were you I would either a) drop him or b) give him the scolding of his life. I take it that since you are writing in – you are not ok with it.  So let him know, that you need him to respect your space and privacy.  You are allowed to have friends and those friends are allowed to contact you.

By Jack Lemon

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