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What is this, you ask? Why, it’s aerial yoga!  Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga with the aerial arts. In this fun twist on a classic yoga class you are suspended in a silk hammock from the ceiling performing modified versions of yoga poses. This allows removes the strain on your joints allowing you to really push your stretching and balancing, plus it focuses on your core.

For those who are ready to spice up your current fitness routine aerial yoga is an exciting new challenge to reinvigorate your workout.  For those who are a little nervous about the height or falling, don’t worry you are suspended above your mat and guided by a certified aerial yoga instructor. Plus, aerial yoga is very new in comparison to it‘s counterpart. That means that most of your class will be learning along with you.

As for the workout, be ready to hurt. My tummy, legs and hips are usually the most sore. Other target spots include arms and back. But, the workout is worth the reward. Aerial yoga takes your traditional end of practice savasana to a whole new level of relaxation. The aerial silk acts as a cocoon enveloping your body as you slowly sway a few feet above the ground. Divine.

This particular type of yoga allows inversions, meaning you will spend a lot more time upside down than in traditional yoga. As a result, you will experience increased blood and oxygen flow to your head. It also helps relieve back pain and correct posture.

In addition to being physically beneficial aerial yoga is also more playful and liberating than traditional yoga as you are flying through the air, climbing up to the ceiling and hanging upside down. This makes it an awesome stress reliever as well as a fun group activity.

If you are looking for a bachelorette party alternative for the more demure bride-to-be aerial yoga may be just what you are looking for. Most classes are reasonably priced between ten to thirty dollars as well so it is a more affordable option than say, a spa day.

See just how aerial yoga is done in this video from top yoga brand, Lululemon.

I originally discovered aerial yoga at my local Pilates studio, Movement Center Pewaukee. However, classes are sprouting up in gyms, fitness centers, spa and health establishments and even pole dancing instruction studios around the country. A quick Google search should return a fitness forward place near you. Try keyword search terms: aerial yoga, anti-gravity yoga and suspension yoga.

Have you tried aerial yoga before? Let us know below in the comments!


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