Tone Up Your Gym Gear

SweetLemonMag-Workout1You know the feeling when you slip into that hot new dress you bought before a first date. You get that extra “pep in your step” or “twinkle in your eye” when you feel great in what you’re wearing. Now wouldn’t you want to feel unstoppable and confident when you walk into the gym? Call me crazy, but I definitely push myself harder and go the extra mile when I feel great in my gym ensemble. Is there anything motivating about an old fraternity t-shirt and worn in running shorts? Not in my book! Here are a few ways that you can tone up your gym gear and hit the ground running in style.

Invest in key pieces. Just the same way that you may prioritize splurging on a great pair of jeans, or the perfect black pump, choose athletic clothing pieces that are worth a splurge. Depending on your body type, select pieces that can get some mileage. A good supportive set of bras or compression capris are at the top of my list. Lululemon has amazing quality pieces that are definitely worth the splurge! Once you have these pieces, you can grab less expensive items to mix and match.

Go cheap. Certain things like tanks, socks, headbands can easily rack up the bill at higher end stores. Head to lower price point stores like Kohl’s, Target, Old Navy, and Marshall’s score cute layering pieces, just like you would with streetwear.


Mix and Match. When buying workout pieces, stick to colors that can be mixed and matched together so you aren’t stuck with odd colors that have limited variety. For example, I have a ton of neon sports bras that I can mix with loose white, black and gray tanks over top.
Try new silhouettes. Add some pep to your step by trying new things! Running skorts are becoming super popular and give a girly edge to your workout ensemble. I have purchased a few and mix them with supportive camisoles or a v-neck tshirt and bra for a “gym to coffee” look.

Flaunt it. Be proud of what you have! If you have a great butt, don’t hide it with a massive oversized tshirt. Try a form fitting v-neck over top of supportive capri pants. Got guns? Racerback tanks are the perfect frame for sculpted stems. Even if you don’t look like Giselle at the gym, choose pieces that highlight the good and hide the bad. Place brights and darks where you want the eye to go.

Although clothes can surely change your mood and give you a little boost, always remember that confidence comes from within! Check yourself out before you hit the pavement and tell yourself how amazing you look and how powerful you are! Love your workout look? Tag us on twitter or instagram @sweetlemonmag.


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