It’s never too early to get your flu shot

September is here and school has started, which hereby marks the beginning of the medical winter season.

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For those of us in “the biz”, that means you need your flu shot.  Let’s get real here—last flu season was brutal.   In my short 5-week internship at the hospital last year, I had no less than 15 patients in critical condition due to the flu, and that was just on the pediatric floor.

Around January, the great and powerful Dr. Oz sent everyone to their doctors and pharmacies for flu shots and created a massive shortage.  How could all these stores across the country run out?  Well, it’s available starting every August, and if you wait until January or until someone you know has the flu, you may too late.

If you can’t get to your doctor for a shot, some insurances will cover the flu shot with a $0 copay at the pharmacy.  All pharmacists who immunize are certified in both immunization and CPR.  Be warned if your insurance does not—some policies only cover office visit shots, not administration from the pharmacist.  In-store clinics and urgent care centers can accept that form of payment.

Remember: flu shots provide protection against a predicted strain of the flu.  You will not get the flu from the shot, but you may experience flu-like symptoms.  If you do get the flu, it will manifest in a less severe form.  And the shot is for the influenza virus—not the stomach flu.

Here’s to a happy – and healthy! – back to school.


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  • Reply September 4, 2013

    Katrina Manning

    I always feel good after getting my flu shot. I mean, maybe a bit under the weather, but happy about getting it done. =)