Snacks that will have you red carpet ready in no time

Being on the red carpet is hard work. You need to remain calm, while maintaing energy and a poised demeanor. Even if you aren’t on the red carpet, you can still achieve these skills with a few quick tricks and tips. Below are my favorite ‘Red Carpet Ready Remedies’ and ‘Smart Snacks’ that I recommend to all my clients when prepping them for awards season. Food is the best medicine around and you can eat your way to radiance. The goal should be to feel great from the inside out, never feel deprived, starved or hangry (the deadly combination of hungry and angry). That is surely no way to live your life on the red carpet, let alone life in general!

Energizing Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

Combine two tablespoons of chia seeds, 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and one tablespoon of stevia (an all natural sweetener from the stevia leaf which does not spike your blood sugar levels). Mix together until pudding forms.

Chia seeds are tiny but fierce and one of my favorite nutrient dense bites. Chia seeds are edible seeds from a dessert plant in Mexico and were used by ancient Aztec warriors during long battles for endurance. These guys have over 27 different nutrients from magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc as well as complete protein to keep you more full for a longer amount of time. Magnesium is known as a relaxation mineral and is great to ease pre-award jitters. Magnesium also slows down the signs of aging which will give skin a youthful dewy glow. The combination of protein and healthy fat in chia seeds will give you lasting energy and fuel without spiking your blood sugar levels. Almond milk is rich in potassium. Potassium is fantastic for cleansing your system of toxins and perfect to de-bloat before a big event (for more easy de-bloating tips, check out my blog post here). Almond milk also contains heart healthy fats that are great for stress reduction and anxiety.


De-Bloating “Bliss in a Cup” Parfait

Mix 2/3 cup of plain non-fat Greek yogurt, one tablespoon of cinnamon, one tablespoon of stevia and berries if desired for extra flavor.

Greek yogurt has double the amount of protein than normal yogurt, this will keep you more full for a longer amount of time because it will keep your blood sugar levels stable which will reduce your energy highs and lows. Moreover, Greek yogurt is loaded with healthy bacteria which is fantastic for cleansing your digestive tract, de-bloating and a great immune system booster (no one wants to be sick on the red carpet). Due to the rich creamy texture and high protein content I use Greek yogurt as a healthy cooking swap in almost all my meals (be sure to check out my  for more meal makeovers and tips). Cinnamon is one of my favorite slimming spices (click  here for more slimming spices). Cinnamon is a natural metabolism booster, increases post-meal satisfaction levels (which will curb unhealthy junk food cravings), transforms the taste of any dish and is a great stomach soother before a big event.

I always have clients carry an emergency smart snack in their red carpet clutch, purse and car for hectic unexpected days. You should never allow yourself to get overly hungry because that is when junk food cravings will start kicking in and your energy levels will drop.

Pumpkin seeds are one of my favorite quick and easy smart snacks (1/8-1/4 of a cup is a good snack size). Why? These little guys are loaded with the right combination of protein and healthy fat in order to satisfy your cravings, suppress your hunger levels, and keep you full until your next meal. The vitamin E in pumpkin seeds is fantastic because it fights off damaging free radicals that contribute to aging. Vitamin E also does wonders for wrinkles and contributes to smoother skin. The healthy fats are ideal for lowering anxiety levels and reducing stress. Pumpkin seeds also contain zinc, an immune-boosting superstar.

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Carina Sohaili is the founder of Vibrant Healthy Life and a Board Certified Celebrity Nutrition and Health Counselor. She graduated Cum Laude from  George Washington University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology where she developed a strong foundation in understanding human behavior and then did a post graduate program in integrative nutrition. Working with Hollywood’s film executives, producers, actors and actresses, Carina also serves as a featured health expert, on-camera health host, writer, nutrition consultant, and is a regular “Mindful Munch” columnist on Guiliana Rancic’s Fab Fit Fun.  She believes “everyone is a fingerprint, everyone is different; one person’s fuel is another person’s poison.” With her ability to combine her psychology and nutrition expertise, Carina helps create a personalized roadmap to health that suits each individual’s unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

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