Drink Like a Crawley, Part Deux

“Tea is always served by the host/hostess or a friend, never by servants. Tea is never poured out, then passed several cups at a time, the way coffee may be, because it cools very quickly. Instead, it is always taken by the guest directly from the hands of the pourer.” –

First there was the show. Then there was the wine. Now there’s the tea. Quite simply put, Downton Abbey is officially a way of life. #canigetanamen Morning, noon, and night, those ingenious Crawley’s have given us lowly commoners something to drink in the hopes, if for only one fleeting moment, to feel a bit and uppercrusty as our beverage of choice passes through our lips.


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Grantham Breakfast Blend – Full-bodied malty, organic Assam black tea is infused with the spicy flavor of organic ginger root. This energizing tea is perfect for preparing for the dramas of the day.

Downton Estate Blend – Earl Grey black tea has become one of the most enjoyed flavored teas in the world. This classic traditional British tea with bergamot orange oil has been paired with exotic vanilla for an intriguing finish available exclusively at Cost Plus World Market.

English Rose Tea – This vibrant, ruby-red infusion of rose, raspberry and hibiscus has fruity, floral notes and a touch of sweetness. Inspired by traditional British desserts, this caffeine-free luscious tea is perfect for an afternoon treat.

So grab a cup, saucer, and have yourself a little Grantham moment (don’t forget the biscuits). Also – just in case it isn’t marked on your calendar and circled in red, Downton Abbey is back for season four on January 5, 2014 on your local PBS station.

Pinkies Up!


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