Tresors Sauvages

Tresors Sauvages
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This week I decided to dedicate my post to a dear friend of mine who has successfully launched a beautiful and unique fashion line in the UK called Tresors Sauvages. I love it when I see my childhood friends go after their dreams and succeed! Without a surprise, their line has become the talk of the fashion world as everyone is amazed by their visionary creations. I caught up with the two designers, Amalie and Soraya, and asked them a few questions about their new joint venture!
Please tell us a little more about yourselves
Amalie Beljafla: I am half Emirati, half Norwegian and was raised in Dubai. I graduated from Dubai International Academy, and continued my studies in London’s Central Saint Martins in 2009 in Graphics design-illustration. I have had the privilege of having the best of both worlds; I am trilingual, being fluent in English Arabic and Norwegian. I have always enjoyed painting and horse riding. I love travelling, and reading books. My favorite authors include Paulo Coelho, Dr David Hawkins, and Eckhart Tolle. Before launching Tresors Sauvages with Soraya, I have collaborated with many artists and fashion designers, including Basil Soda, Khaleda Rajab and Ezra Santos. In December 2012 I completed my first children’s book called ‘For You’, based on positive thinking. Christian Lacroix, Salvador Dali, and Frida Kahlo, all inspire me artistically. There are two women in my life who are my role models and keep me going: my mother Dr Sofie Skogen and Umi Ghadeera Obaid Beljafla.

Soraya: I am half Emirati, half Persian, and was raised in Dubai. From an early age, I have been passionate about ballet and show jumping, and these hobbies have played a central role in my life. I am a law graduate from the University of Edinburgh and Sciences Po Paris, and I am currently living in London obtaining my Legal Diploma. My artistic influences have stemmed through literature, dance and music, and much of my inspiration draws from art nouveau and impressionism, through artists such as Oscar Wilde, Antoni Gaudi, and Sylvie Guillem. I love learning about different cultures and living in different cities, and living in Paris for a year has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I believe that fashion creativity emanates from architectural structure embellished with femininity, and designers who inspire me include Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel.

How and why did you decide to start this line?
Having looked at Amalie’s paintings, I instantly thought to myself, if such illustrations would be translated onto garments, we could create something that was strikingly distinctive. We wished to merge art with fashion, and to create a new niche in the fashion world, which incorporates both our Middle Eastern heritage with the current vibrancies of modern fashion.

What were your inspirations behind this season’s theme?
This collection has been inspired by the endangered flamingoes in the UAE. The theme has been translated into the garment shapes, focusing on the strong structural shoulder lines. The heavy use of dynamic ombre colors and heavy embroidery gives a textured animalistic quality to the collection as a whole.

Will you be launching the line in the States?
We may be thinking of launching our future lines in the States, however as we are still a young and vibrant brand, we are focusing on establishing ourselves within the Middle East and London.

Amalie, what is your favorite piece?
My absolute favorite is our showcase fully embroidered dress. It shows the creative skill our House carries. I also love the flamingo print blazer, it is effortlessly feminine, and is a statement piece that can be pulled off anytime.

Soraya, what is your favorite piece?
I love the pony fur dress; the architectural asymmetric cut makes it an exciting piece that displays the House’s artisanal craftsmanship. The embroidered feather trousers are also a personal favorite of mine, they are dynamic, vibrant and one of a kind.

Chcck out this video from their launch at the Bulgari Hotel in london :


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    Beautiful collection!

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