Sister, Sister: The Design Duo behind Annie Griffin Collection

ANNIE AND ROBINAnnie Griffin and Robin Gerber are the sister duo behind Annie Griffin Collection.

Annie, an art studio major from Southern Methodist University, has been creating since she was a little girl in Memphis — constructing jewelry before accelerating to charcoal portraits in high school. Annie moved to Atlanta with the dream to create a line that encompassed her creative spirit and laid back style.  Her first job in Atlanta was with a big name interior decorator and when she was sent out to buy fabrics for curtains or cushions she would imagine how the fabrics would look as clothes.

“I really think being surrounded by fabrics day in and day out is what peaked my interest in clothing design,” says Annie, who enrolled in SCAD before she launched Annie Griffin Collection at the age of 25. With the help of her marketing-savvy sister, Robin, the Annie Griffin Collection took off with a life of its own.

Rachel Coffey, Director of PR & Marketing for Annie Griffin, describes Annie as creative with a shy streak. “She knows what she wants and pays close attention to details,” says Rachel. “She won’t settle for anything but a perfect product every time.” Robin, on the other hand, is very outgoing and uses her spunky personality to push Annie Griffin Collection forward.

Annie muses that inspiration can be walking and taking in everyday life—the colors, the sounds, the people. The collection retails in over 200 stores nationwide, but don’t worry about everyone and their mom wearing the same piece. In fact, the girls are very intent on growing the line organically and in its own time. “There are too many talented designers out there that get ahead of themselves,” says Annie. “We just want to keep growing at a steady pace and continue to make quality women’s clothing.”

The sisters begin each season by putting together an inspiration board pinned with fabrics, photographs, colors, and other inspirations at the Annie Griffin design studio in Peachtree Hills. They tend to stay away from the fast and fleeting trends and instead stick to what they feel truly works for women: effortless and enduring pieces. Amen.

We're ready for spring just looking at these threads.

We’re ready for spring just looking at these threads.

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By Jaclyn McNeil


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