Frigid Fashion

I may have grown up in the midwest, but as soon as the temperatures dropped last week in the city you would never have known. When cold weather approaches convincing yourself to leave the house can be a much more difficult feat. Here are a few tips to use to keep yourself warm when braving the streets as the temperatures drop.


Layering is the basis of keeping yourself warm in cold weather. Start with a layer that’s close fitting to your body, perhaps a tight tank, to keep yourself warm by not allowing body heat to escape easily. Next, layers a blouse, light sweater, or whatever you suits your fancy style wise. This second layer should be what you would wear as your outermost layer while indoors. Finally, cover up with a sweater, cardigan, vest, or a similar article that you can layer to warm up but is still appropriate to wear indoors. This last piece is intended for those occasion when you’re in a building that’s a little too chilly, but you don’t want to look like an eskimo bundled up in your winter coat.

Cover your Head

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Unfortunately for our perfect blowout, because we loose a lot of heat from our heads, wearing a hat is a great way to keep body heat from escaping. However, with so many styles on the market, you are sure to find a hat that you love. A tip to avoiding hat hair once you do take your hat off is to decide wear you want your hair parted, and part the hair drastically on the other side. For example, if you want to part your hair in the middle, part it on the far right or left. Once you remove the hat, part the hair in the desired spot and you might even have a little extra volume to play with!

Warm Socks 

For the streets and the sheets what’s better than a thick pair of wooly socks during the fall and winter? Not only are they warming, but they are also cute sticking over the top of a pair of boots. A tip when sleeping with socks is to put vaseline on your feet, put on your socks, and wake up to fresh feet. This helps to avoid the all too common dry and even cracked heels that come with lower temperatures and humidity.

A Great Outer Layer You Love

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Coats are a huge investment piece, and because of this your cold weather coat should be something you love. This is an item that is acceptable to splurge on, justified by the necessity of it, and the frequency of which you’ll wear it. If you can’t afford multiple coat options for the season, choose one that is classic (avoid the trends), provides a block against the wind, is thick enough to keep you warm during a snow storm, and has pockets (perfect impromptu mittens). Follow these guidelines and you won’t mind having to wear the same coat everyday, or even for multiple years, because it is timeless.

These simple and stylish tips will help you stay warm despite the freezing temperatures and hopefully make venturing outdoors less of a dreaded activity. And to those of us who live in walking cities, here’s to never complaining about the car taking too long to heat up again.


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