“But It’s a Show about Teenage Werewolves…”

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When I first started watching MTV’s Teen Wolf, I thought it would be just another in a long line of “guilty pleasure” MTV and CW shows that I devotedly watched (but didn’t talk about). The premise, inspired by the 1985 film of the same name, seemed pretty simple: high school student becomes a werewolf; hairy hijinks ensue.

Only, it’s not that simple! Created by Jeff Davis, the man behind Criminal Minds, Teen Wolf is more than a guilty pleasure show. It has engaging characters, thrilling storylines, and the kind of writing that appeals outside of the show’s expected MTV demographic.

It also has one other thing that keeps me coming back every week: great style.


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Lydia Martin is the show’s strawberry blonde Queen Bee, ready to conquer the world in four-inch Mary Jane heels. She’s the most stylish of Teen Wolf’s cast of characters, which is a reasonable expectation for a girl who has a dog named Prada. Her look is built upon tailored pieces, like pencil skirts, blouses, and statement jackets – and is complimented by soft waves that look polished but not overdone.

Appropriate For: 9-to-5’s with a business casual dress code, giving a presentation, or making a first impression

Key Pieces: A kelly or emerald green jacket, a blouse with a Peter Pan collar, a cranberry pencil skirt, and suede pumps with a round toe



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While she might not be Queen Bee, Allison Argent still rules when it comes to style. Edgier and more athletic than Lydia, Allison’s style is a perfect mix of tough and girly and is perfect for transitioning into the quickly-approaching autumn. Her look is very much about mixing textures and layering – like wearing lace tights with a short and sweet dress but adding a leather jacket and knee high boots to keep the look from venturing into saccharine territory.

Appropriate For: Shopping and brunch with the girls, weekend trips when the weather gets crisp, or casual dates

Key Pieces: A floral dress that hits mid-thigh, opaque or textured tights, a motorcycle jacket, and knee-high or over-the-knee boots


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Isaac Lahey might be the odd one out on this list, but his wardrobe is one that would translate well to “borrowed from your boyfriend” style. His look is comfortable, but not sloppy. It’s effortlessly stylish but not fussy and is comprised of cozy cardigans, basic tees, dark jeans, and classic coats.

Appropriate For: Movie night with friends, either at the theatre or at home, family dinners, or running errands (Lemon Lads, take note: this style would work for coffee meetings and casual dates too!)

Key Pieces: Dark skinnies, a neutral v-neck tee, a cable knit sweater or thick cardi, and a navy wool pea coat

What about you, Lemonettes and Lemon Lads?  What fictional characters have looks you’d like to steal?  Share your #SLMFavoriteTVLooks with me on Twitter!


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