A Skype Exclusive: The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story

Victoria Beckham is so much more than a former Spice Girl. While she is married to “footballer” David Beckham and undoubtedly serves as a style icon to many, that’s just the beginning of her success story. Don’t forget to add ridiculously talented, driven and inspirational fashion designer to that list.

To celebrate five years since the launch of her eponymous line, Victoria Beckham teamed up with the Skype Collaboration Project to share her story. If you’re a creative type, all-around fashion lover or are just looking for something that leaves you feeling inspired and ready to hit the ground running, look no further.

via collaboration.skype.com

via collaboration.skype.com

What debuted on the interwebs on January 30 is a work of pure artistry. For those who are unfamiliar with the Skype Collaboration Project, it’s essentially “an online destination that focuses on the intersection between technology and creative industries.” The union of Beckham and Skype is perfect, as the designer, who resides in LA, turns to Skype for conference calls with her team in London.

The interactive project includes audio clips of Beckham recounting memorable experiences such as the first dress she wore as a Spice Girl and the first fashion show she attended (in case you were wondering, it was a black dress from Miss Selfridge and the show was Versace), videos of fashion industry insiders reflecting on the designer and photo galleries of her collections.

As for the format of the documentary-like feature, it’s carefully organized into chapters that chronicle Beckham’s career: From the very beginning, when Victoria was just dipping her toes into the industry, to the intimate preview of her little black dress collection at the Waldorf Astoria in 2008, the launching of her sister line Victoria, Victoria Beckham and finally her award for Designer Brand of the Year in 2011 at the British Fashion Awards. The third chapter is devoted to building her global brand and embracing the digital world through e-commerce and social media.

And, don’t forget this gem of advice from Marc Jacobs in regards to her debut collection of 10 dresses: “All you have to remember is it has to be the best quality, then people can say they don’t like it, but no one can say it’s not good.”

Personally, Beckham’s story blew me away. Cliché as it may sound, I now have even more respect for Victoria Beckham. What she has accomplished is quite phenomenal and empowering. The thing that really comes through this entire project is Beckham’s determination, vision and overall entrepreneurial spirit. She didn’t just stick her name on clothes and manufacture it as her own, in fact it’s quite the contrary. Her commitment to quality and craft, paired with an attention to every minute detail, is undeniable.

via collaboration.skype.com

via collaboration.skype.com

Want to add to the conversation? Leading up to Beckham’s Fall/Winter 2014 Ready-to-Wear show at New York Fashion Week, The Conversation Series is currently taking questions from fans about the inner workings of the fashion industry, the design process and whatever else you’re just dying to know about Beckham’s path to becoming a designer.

Still not convinced that you need to check out this interactive editorial? Watch this teaser video – and mark my words – it’s. so. good!


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