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Summer Steak Salad

I don’t eat a lot of red meat any more, mainly out of convenience. It’s easier to cook shrimp, fish or chicken in the…


3 Ways to Sip Lightly

Summertime is the perfect time to kick back with friends and throw back a drink or two. Traditional hot weather libations like frozen margaritas…


Chicken Slaw in the Summertime

Looking for the perfect side dish? I am always looking for an alternative to the traditional pasta or potato salad to bring with me…


Mediterranean Wine Night

I’m a big fan of girls’ wine night. I’m in a wine club which I look forward to every month and I have impromptu…


World Flavors: Kalimotxo

This drink popped up on my news-feed a few weeks ago thanks to a great travel blogger, The Young Adventuress, I follow mainly so I can…


Mmm…cinnamon bun banana muffins

Good morning, heaven! Maybe it’s just me but sometimes I just need a sweet treat for breakfast- or anytime of day for that matter….


We’re putting a new spin on your standard chili recipe

With summer quickly approaching, many of us are ramping up our workouts and re-evaluating our eating habits. Not to mention the fact that “clean…


Fudge Babies

Fudge Babies. Brownie Bites. Date Balls. Heaven. Whatever you call them, they are delish (and totally addictive)! Made from dates, nuts and unsweetened cocoa…