World Flavors: Kalimotxo

This drink popped up on my news-feed a few weeks ago thanks to a great travel blogger, The Young Adventuress, I follow mainly so I can daydream about visiting some of the wonderful places she’s been (I have a severe case of wanderlust envy). When she posted a New York Times article about this drink, I was skeptical: why would anyone mix red wine with coke? It just seemed so…wrong. Perhaps, so wrong it was right?

My friends let me introduce you to the kalimotxo (pronounced cal-ee-MO-cho), a Spanish drink that is equal parts red wine and coke served over ice. Coke (cola, soda, pop – whatever you call it) has been used as a mixer in some wildly popular drinks, like the Cuba Libre, for years – and if the people of Spain say that the kalimotxo is worth trying, who am I to argue?

Verdict: Delightful. It’s a bit like sangria without all the fruit. I can see why it’s so popular in Europe, as it’s perfect on a hot (and humid) night. The next time you’re reaching for a grown-up beverage to cool you down, try giving this international cocktail a whirl.


Originally from the NYTimes


Lemon (optional)
Red wine (preferably Spanish, but any dry wine will do)

Coke (diet if you wish – I did)


Pour equal parts of red wine and coke over ice. Add a squeeze of lemon (optional).


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