Proof you can do what you love: Lynn Puro of March Boutique

All too often we’re told that passion and profit can’t live in the same place. And maybe in some instances they can’t. But I love coming across people who show that it’s possible to take a dream and turn it into something tangible, real, and – if they’re really lucky – profitable.

Lynn Puro is one of those people. She didn’t always own her own business. In fact, she points out that it wasn’t until later in life – once her kids were grown – that she finally did something she always wanted to do: open March.


Now, one look at Lynn and its no wonder why she loves clothes (she looks amazing in everything – I’m talking one of those could-look-good-in-a-paper-bag kind of people). But when I talked to her about starting March Boutique, her clothing store in Westchester County, N.Y., it seems less about the clothes (which are truly fabulous) and more about the pride that comes from ceaseless work and success hard-won. “If it’s your own business, you’ve got to put in the time,” she told me back in July when we met at her store in Briarcliff Manor.

Lynn is constantly looking for designers to feature in her store, which I’ve always described as a museum-like in the way it curates interesting, unique, and fashion-forward designers and pieces. I always feel comfortable recommending it to friends. Friends who are looking for clothes for an interview – go to March. Date night? March. Wedding? You get the idea. And part of why I feel comfortable doing that is because the price point is so varied. March features reasonably priced brands, like BB Dakota, to the higher priced like Trina Turk, which means that friends on a budget and friends looking to splurge can all head here and come out with something they love. It’s rare to be able to please so many people consistently with one recommendation, so I take it where I can get it.

If my girl-crush on Lynn wasn’t obvious already, I decided that her story was one that people needed to hear. Because you do. All too often we hear about the Fortune 500 CEOs and the heads of major companies. And that’s great. We need to hear about those people because they are movers and shakers. But so are the local business men and women that make our towns and our cities tick. I may be sounding like a politician touting “jobs” here, but in all honesty there’s a reason they do that: these local business owners have amazing stories, and amazing things to contribute.

And they do that more on their own and in their own words than I can in text. And so I give you, not just the first edition of Sweet Lemon TV – which we are very excited about, but my sit down with the ever-lovely, inside and out, Lynn Puro of March Boutique.


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  • Reply September 2, 2013

    Katrina Manning

    Great video!

  • Reply September 2, 2013

    Angela Vitali

    Fabulous interview!!! Congratulations Ali and Sweet Lemon TV!!!

  • Reply September 4, 2013

    Ali Vitali

    My favorite part of this conversation comes at the 2:00 mark when we start talking about “leaning in, leaning out” and “having it all.” Watch and tell me what you think!

  • Reply September 8, 2013


    You are a natural in front of the camera Ali. “Having it all” comes at different times of people’s lives. It should be coined “having it” through out our lives, and “all” for when everything is said and done.

    The best of everything to you always!