Sweet On: Wildwood Bath and Body

Once again, I am blown away by another homemade and all natural bath and body product line! This time I’m pleased to know the owner and have had a one-on-one conversation with her to discuss the amazing benefits of these awesome all natural products!


Wildwood Bath and Body was founded and created by Lauryn Colquitt, a fellow Sweet Lemon lady! She is extremely passionate about skin health and quality products–and for good reason. Lauryn suffered the negative effects of eczema for years before setting out on her own (with the help of her husband) to develop products that helped to nourish her skin back to good health. This idea snowballed into something bigger when close friends and family became interested in her soaps, bath salts and lotion bars. Time, research and skin-loving ingredients go into each recipe. Lauryn believes that the use of natural ingredients without fillers make a huge difference in the health of one’s skin.

“What you place on your skin should be just as important as what you place in your mouth,” said Lauryn. “Your skin absorbs everything and that is why it is so important to know what is in your soaps and lotions. I encourage everyone to read the ingredient labels of their beauty products like they would for food products.”

Learn more about Wildwood’s story here.

Here are the products I got to try from the Wildwood Bath and Body line:

Rock Candy Soap Bar – This bar smells as sweet as it sounds. Natural oils moisturize while Brazilian sea salt polishes the skin. Made with goat’s milk, water, vitamin E Oil, Dead Sea salt, Brazilian sea salt, essential oils and lavender petals.

Promise Land Soap Bar – This bar was made for dry, sensitive skin. This includes skin that is irritated due to eczema. A mixture of goat’s milk, honey, oats, coconut oil, water and essential oils come together to form a calming aroma and soft exfoliation for the skin. I don’t have eczema but this soap bar left my skin feeling really soft.

Heisenberg Bath Salts – The great thing about this product is that 50 percent of the proceeds benefit Kind Campaign–a non-profit organization centered around putting a stop to girl-against-girl bullying. This bath salt includes Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, Brazilian sea salt, sweet almond oil and essential oils that leave you feeling and smelling fresh!

Arbor Rose Lotion Stick – This is a new twist (pun-intended) on lotion. Think of this as an extra-large chapstick for your skin, but without the greasy, oily feeling. The twist-up container makes it easy to carry around in your purse. The floral scent smells just like a bundle of freshly picked flowers. I wish this lotion stick came in more scents, but I am sure it will soon!


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