Sweet On: Nerium AD

A few months ago I began using Nerium AD to help ease the redness I have suffered for years on my cheeks. Nerium AD is a proven wrinkle fighter that comes from the Nerium oleander plant which provides age defying results when used over time. It’s also known for helping with redness, improving your skin’s appearance, and improving the natural radiance of skin.


You apply it by wetting your hands and using one pump of the product, like you would any face cream apply it all over your face, including under your eyes. When you apply it on you face a few moments later you feel tightness on your skin which is caused by the proprietary protein blend in the product that helps with rejuvenating elasticity. The antioxidants in the formula also help to improve and prevent aging on the skin. I loved the tight feeling and of course how much it has helped with my redness. I will continue using it to how much improvement I can see with the redness. To find out more visit the Nerium AD website.

Here I am flaunting my untouched and no make up before and after of my face after only 2 weeks of use!



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