How to Shop for Vintage Fashion

I have always loved consignment and vintage shopping. Someone else’s “trash” can definitely be your treasure. And, as all fashion lovers know, everything that is old will one day be new again – style comes full circle. I have found some amazing vintage pieces through my hunting and thrift store frequenting. Here are my tips for shopping vintage.
1. Absolutely know yourself and your own style. Know what appeals to you and what catches your eye.
2. Don’t be disheartened if a 1960s size small doesn’t fit. People were tiny in previous decades and sizing was completely different! A size 2 today was a 6 or an 8 back then.
3. Keep in mind that you may have to get things altered. In order for a vintage item to fit properly, you may have to take it to a tailor. Or, you may find a longer skirt or dress that you want shortened. However, before spending the money on getting something altered, make sure that it is good quality, that you will actually wear it, and that you aren’t spending too much on it.
4. Do some research. If you see something that you like, Google the brand name or ask the storeowner what they know about the item. Sometimes, the storeowner may have a story about where the item came from and probably knows what decade the piece is from.
5. Definitely only buy things you will actually wear! Don’t spend money on clothing just because it is vintage. Try things on, make sure they fit, are your style, and that you will feel confident enough to wear them out on the town.
6. Above all, make it your own. A skirt from the 1960s doesn’t have to be styled the same way it was then. Add new pieces from your wardrobe and accessorize!
Here are some of my favorite vintage finds:

Chanel consignment
Chanel Tweed Blazer // Vintage Straw Bag // Green Cross Body Coach Bag // Vintage Skirt and Chanel Bag
This 1960s skirt was only $9.99 and the vintage Chanel is my best second-hand purchase of all time!
Be sure to check out my blog, Slightly North of Being Southern, to see how I style my vintage finds.
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