Picture Perfect Pose

Picture Perfect Pose

In an age of iPhones, Facebook, and Instagram, it’s impossible to avoid having your picture taken or shared with the world. You would think that as a performer and a stylist that I must love it… but for a long time, I dreaded it. Don’t get me wrong; I am all about girl power. In fact, I worship daily at the altar of Beyoncé. But, there were so many times where I would go on an un-tagging spree whenever friends posted pictures of me.

Eventually I grew tired of spending every girls’ night out hiding in the corner like Rob and Kristen on a post-affair dinner date in LA. So, I summoned my inner-Sasha Fierce and did some research. I watched all three of my Beyoncé DVDs, asked friends who took fierce cell phone-selfies how they do it, and even read Kardashian Konfidential (AKA the bible according to posing aficionados, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe). After all of this (and a little posing in the mirror, which I highly recommend) I found some tricks that made me feel more comfortable and I want to share them with you:

Your Picture Frame

Slant one side of your body towards the camera just a bit while extending one leg out… Make it subtle though, you don’t want to look like Angelina at the Oscars! Keep your back leg straight and bend the front knee just a little.

Work Those Arms

Place the hand closest to the camera on the smallest part of your waist and twist that same shoulder towards the camera while pushing your elbow back just slightly. Tense your arm to give it some definition. For a more natural look, keep you hand down by your side behind you so that your thumb is resting against the back of your derriere.

One Chin at a Time Please 
Avoid the dreaded double chin by pretending someone is pulling a string up through the top of your head. I know this sounds gross, but it’s a great way to improve your posture on and off camera. While feeling the pull of the string, push your chin forward just a little (think mini-chicken dance) and tilt it down ever so slightly.

Flashing Brights 
Don’t be afraid to flash those pearly whites. Give a nice, big smile but nothing so big that you look like a five year old on a sugar rush. If you’re looking for a more demure look, listen to Tyra Banks and smize. Try a pursing your lips, smiling just a little bit, while opening up those pretty peepers.

Doll Up on The DL 
No one wants to wait for you to get dolled up for every photo. So, if your hair is feeling a little flat, give it a little zhush by using just your fingertips to lightly massage the top of your scalp for three quick seconds to give your hair a little volume. Don’t have time for gloss? Lick your lips just before the flash goes off.

Suck It In 
All of it.

Every now and then someone catches me off guard and and of course I un-tag those bad boys in a heartbeat so don’t even try it. But, if you follow these tips, you’ll find yourself with a whole album full of profile-worthy pictures to choose from!


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