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You’ve seen it creeping around.  You’ve feared it long enough.  For a split second, you wish you had the amazing ability to grow a Duck Dynasty beard to hide it.  I’m talking about acne. And even with all of the amazing acne products available without a prescription today, there is something that is so zombie-like about acne – especially on your chin.  It seems to come from nowhere, and it just won’t go away.  But there are a few things you’re probably doing (or not doing) that contributes to the unsightly bumps around your beautiful face.


  1. Wash your whole face.  We all wash our faces, but do we wash under our faces?  Ideally, we should be washing down the neck and behind the ears, and everywhere in between. Make sure you get every inch of your head.
  2. Sanitize everything.  Since our phones became one with our bodies, it’s easy to forget where it’s actually been.  In our hands, in our jeans pockets, tossed around in our purses, left on random surfaces – public and otherwise. Now think about how you are constantly pressing that same phone on your face for hours a day.  Start wiping down your phone with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball each night, making sure to take it out of the case, too. And our phones aren’t the only thing we should disinfect: at the office, keep some hand sanitizer around.  We haphazardly tend to lean on our hands at our desk or rest our chins on our palms, which mean the same bacteria that your hands touch all day is now all over your face.
  3. Take your make up off before you cleanse.  While we think that washing our faces at night may be enough to strip off make up from the day, it isn’t.  Use a make-up remover to begin the process, and then wash your face.


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  • Reply January 15, 2014


    clearly written by someone with good skin

    titles like this make me really angry, because defeating acne is NOT that simple. sure, a lot of people with acne may have less-than-ideal habits, but just implementing those 3 lifestyle changes is no match for genetics, which is a major major MAJOR cause of acne, especially more serious cases.

    titles like this make people think that those with acne are simply dirty or lazy, when often they are doing everything they can yet cannot see significant improvement in their skin. it’s a serious struggle and it’s quite frankly very insulting and offensive to lightly say something like “3 steps to banish your acne once and for all”

    yeah believe me, I do all these things and much much more, and my acne has barely improved