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Summer Skin Care Prep

It’s just a few months from bikini season and maybe even time for a little mid-winter break. I like to start prepping my skin…

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The Photoshop Effect

We all know that digital retouching is a controversial topic and I think the majority of us would say that it’s not really fair…

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{Image via Time Magazine}

The TIME for Men

Pope Francis was recently named TIME Magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year. And a few days ago TIME released a response addressing why a man was…

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Easy DIY hair layers

It seems that my friends are pretty adventurous with their hair. A month or so ago I dyed my friend’s hair ombre style and a few…

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Freshman 15 (And Beyond)

  Most schools are already in session, and you’re probably still adjusting and trying to figure out where all your classes are and how…

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What’s Up With iOS 7?

We covered the new iPhones last week and since many of us have iPhones and/or iPads, iOS 7 is our next update and will be released…

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Ombre At Home

As soon as ombre hair hit the stands in magazines of our favorite celebs, I was instantly obsessed. But, if you have hair as long…

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