5 Tips for Taking Snazzy Pictures

I took two years of photography in high school and quickly fell in love. When I ventured off to college my time for taking photos–other than snapshots at sorority formals–decreased. Now that I graduated I find myself itching to pick up my camera again and take photos that aren’t business-related.

As I work on getting back into the photographer’s mindset, I’ve been thinking about the basics of my photography classes and how to get great shots. Here are few tips and tricks to keep in mind on your next photo-taking venture:

1. Consider the rule of thirds.
People are often quick to center objects and subjects within a frame. But the most appealing position to the eye is slightly off-center. When lining up a shot, think of the picture as being divided into three equal parts. Try to line up the subject along one of the division lines for the most appealing shot.

Rule of Thirds

2. Look out for tiny imperfections.
When you’re looking at the big picture, it’s hard to notice the little things sometimes. In one of my photography classes I was doing a portrait assignment. My subject was a little girl a friend babysat for who was energetic and loved to model. I got a great shot of her dressed up and sitting in a tree. The colors were great, she was excellently posed…and there was a small tree branch lined up just in front of her eye. I didn’t even notice it until later, but it completely ruined an otherwise great portrait.

3. Use natural lines to guide the eye.
Finding natural lines to set up a shot is always fun. Power lines, a row of houses, the lines on a leaf, rows of a cornfield, etc., can all be used to naturally guide the eye on the route you desire.  

4. Use the viewfinder.
If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to use the screen to find your shot. But taking the time to use the viewfinder will help you keep the camera steady for the best photo possible.

5. Hold steady.
People are often quick to snap the button and move the camera as soon as they think it’s done itss job. Take your time! Hold the button down and keep the camera steady at least for a second or two after you think the picture has been taken in order to avoid blurring the picture accidentally.

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