6 Products for Glowing Summer Skin

sunglasses / Bath body product / NIA24 sun care / Philosophy beauty product / Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector Spf 40 Summer is…


With moves like these, who needs a gym membership?

As us youngsters enter the workforce, often times our disposable income is rather non-existent. But our desire to stay in shape, look good and…

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Poise Begins with Good Posture

 {image via} The posture of the modern woman is a sore sight compared to classic, iconic role models, such as Audrey Hepburn. I’m convinced…

Two Ways to Beet It

Two Ways to Beet It

Is it just me or are beets suddenly in vogue? Beets were never an appealing food to me, always appearing cold and grossly gelatinous….

Self tanner lotions

Faux Tan It

We’ve all heard the speeches; tanning is bad for you. Unfortunately though, not all of us look good in 50 shades of pale. Don’t…

Plated Box

Plated: a Fresh Take on the Subscription Box

image via Plated Ever since the advent of Birchbox, we’ve been addicted to all things subscription box. Which is why our inner foodie jumped for…


30 Days to a More Vibrant You!

Have you ever wanted to try yoga? Have you ever thought about doing a detox? Sometimes the word detox can be intimidating, possibly seen…


"Don’t Just Sit There"

Odds are that right now, you’re sitting down while reading this post. How long have you been sitting? An hour? Two hours? Maybe you…


How Not to Do Yoga

{image via} Have you been thinking about trying yoga? Are you worried about what it would mean to try and fail? Recently I purchased…


POM Power… Cold Buster!

There is a nasty bug going around right now and I am not about to catch it. I had tons of students out sick…