The Mystery of Miley’s Eyebrows

In the words of Paula Cole, “where have all the eyebrows gone?” Well, something like that.

If you haven’t heard, or awkwardly seen, Miley Cyrus has decided to take her bleach talents to South Beach–and by South Beach I of course mean her eyebrows–leaving what appears to be a gaping field of skin between her eyes and hairline.

Rumors have been circulating about Miley’s brows since a black and white photo of her and Miranda Kerr appeared online earlier this week that made it seem like Miley’s brows were as gone as her Disney reputation.


But where did they go? What happened? Did she shave them off? Was it an accident? Did she burn them off whilst lighting up at the MTV EMAs?! Lighters are a dangerous thing! I was seriously worried for my imaginary best friend for a minute, but then she finally cleared the air today on Instagram with selfie, complete with her signature tongue-out pose.


Clearly, this was no accident. There was no fire, there was no razor–there was just Miley and now she closely resembles Tilda Swinton. She wanted “blonde hurrrrr errrrrrwurrrrr.”

So cancel your candlelight vigils because her brows are indeed still there and can be dyed back to their original hue at any moment–hopefully sooner rather than later.

By Allie Ditkowich

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  • Reply November 25, 2013

    Paris Rouzati

    She’s just being Miley.