Must Watch Fall TV

I never watched a lot of TV when I was younger. Now that I’m in law school and always looking for either a distraction or a way to unwind, I’m watching more TV than I should! In my opinion, this Fall has been particularly good for TV.

I thought I’d share my “must watch” list with you all.

ABC Sundays at 9 PM EST
Currently Season 2

Revenge is phenomenal! It is unbelievably well written.

The storyline is about a young woman, Emily Thorne, seeking to avenge her father’s death by exposing the interworkings of the Grayson family. The drama will keep you on the edge of your seat, the fashion and setting will have you mesmerized, And the characters are just sinister enough for you to both love and hate them.

The Middle
ABC Wednesdays at 8 PM EST
Currently Season 4

This hilarious comedy is about a middle-class family living in the middle of nowhere – Orson, Indiana. Though the Heck’s are quirky, they are so relatable that you will be laughing the entire time.

ABC Wednesday at 10 PM EST
Currently Season 1

This show has only released two episodes, but I am obsessed! Not only do I love the city of Nashville, but I have been a fan of country music my entire life. The actors are well cast and the music is breathtaking. If you don’t believe me, listen to

I didn’t mean for this post to be a promo for ABC, but they are killing it this season. Another thing I love about ABC is that if you miss an episode, you can catch it the next day online for free!


All images via ABC

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