Is Eminem Camera Shy?

Saturday, September 7th, the live broadcast of ESPN’s College Gameday showcasing Notre Dame playing at the University of Michigan featured a short interview with Marshall Mathers, also known as the legendary Eminem. Mathers, a Detroit native, was interviewed by Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger, and was supposed to tell about his new album coming out this fall on November 5th, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, a follow up to his album from the 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP. The (thankfully) short interview gained much exposure, especially on twitter, but not on account of Mathers’ new album.

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The interview starts out with bug-eyed Mathers staring into the distance. He eventually gains a semblance of composure after Musberger asks him a question, and after struggling to form a response he admits that he isn’t a fan of live TV.

Herbstreit asked “What are you most excited about with this new album?” However, Mathers didn’t exhibit very much excitement about his new release. He replied “Nothing” jokingly, but left too long of a pause to make his joke come across as sarcasm. He continued “No, uh, it’ll be out November 5th, I’ll mostly be excited to just be done with it”. His enthusiasm could use a little work. Throughout the entirety of the interview Kirk has trouble keeping a straight face. If Mathers truly has a severe fear of live television, or something else was taking place to affect his appearance, is something you can decide for yourself.

The interview struggles to stay afloat, and at the end after Musberger calls him “a legend” Mathers blurts out “I’m really uncomfortable right now”. Luckily, the football game provided much more entertainment, with Michigan beating the Irish 41-30.

It’s okay Eminem, we were all fairly uncomfortable through those incredibly awkward 4 minutes.


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