Fill the ‘Downton’ void in your heart

Warning: Not caught up yet on Downton Abbey? You may not want to read this post (quite yet). It’s packed with spoilers! 

For the past 9 months, there has been a huge void in my life.

No, I don’t quite think it was the holidays, although it could be a contributing factor.  The cold air, perhaps.  No, what has really been missing from my life was Downton Abbey.  The UK series literally turned around the PBS boat and is inspiring young women to actually become ladies, modestly dressed and without so much fan fare.  While I wept as Cousin Matthew met his demise, I was only more upset about having to wait almost another year for another short installment of the events of Downton.

But happiness can be renewed! I found two spectacular ways to fill that void until Downton Abbey comes back in just a few short weeks.   is a modern-day take on the social climbing requirements of Brits and their Sloane Rangers (their version of preps).  Fellows is also the creator of Downton Abbey, so you know we’ll get a little cheeky Lady Mary attitude in one of his characters.

 is about an American heiress named Cor Cash (yes, possibly the same Cora) who moves to England to marry off into British aristocracy in search of a title. These fancy, yet troubling, times may just help with your Downton withdrawal.

downtown final

But this void is big, so we’re getting into a little retail therapy: Downton style. Macy’s is kicking off the holiday season with a jewelry line inspired by the Downton Abbey costumes.  And oh how I wished I had a Lady-Mary-esque hair pin for Halloween.  The pieces are beautifully made and are in the $20-40 price range.  AKA they are perfect for holiday gatherings and perhaps any white-tie affair you may be attending to meet the Countess Dowager. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.
downton abbeymacy's
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