3 Shows That Should Still Be On TV


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We all know that horrible feeling we’ve come to recognize when our shows get cancelled. The show ends abruptly and there’s no explanation for any of the characters or how it ends. Even though you still see reruns, it’s just not the same as seeing brand-new episodes and discovering what the writers will come up with next. These three classic shows we think should still be on air.

Gilmore Girls

The WB made us cry when they abruptly ended the Gilmore Girls series due to contract issues in 2007. Rory and Lorelai parted ways with their significant others (Luke and Logan), and Rory went off to follow the Barack Obama campaign trail as a political reporter. Rory then turns down Logan’s proposal *tear* and Lorelai kisses Luke. So many questions were left unanswered! Even though there’s still re-runs of the show, it’s still not the same! This gif pretty much explains the way we feel about this show, almost 7 years after it ended.

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The O.C.

Unlike Gilmore Girls, The O.C. did leave some questions answered. After Marissa died (huge plot twist—WHY!?!), The O.C. gave us closure, as much as we didn’t want it to. Not only did they show flashbacks that Ryan had (which brought us to tears), they also pushed the fast forward button into the future. Seth and Summer got married and had a baby named Sophie Rose, Ryan and Taylor ended up together, and Julie Cooper decided to be single. This show also ended in 2007—bad year to end shows, right? Even this bittersweet ending to the show can’t stop us from binge-watching every now and then.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy was the original bad-ass fighting vampire slayer girl that we all wanted to be. She was fierce, strong, and an independent woman. Buffy was the first girl to be a vampire fighting ninja. In the last episode and end to the Vampire Slayer series, Buffy kills Caleb with the Scythe (a device Buffy uses with an axe on one end and a stake on the other). Angel and Buffy talk about Spike, and Angel asks if Buffy has a place for him in her life. Buffy then says that she needs to grow up, but gives Angel some reassurance that they might have a future together. Later in the episode, Spike helps Buffy kill more vampires, but he dies in the process *tear*. Buffy tells him she loves him, and he replies, “No you don’t. But thanks for saying it.” Ouch, we felt our hearts breaking. At the end of the episode, Giles gets everyone together and they ask what happened, and Buffy’s emotionless, and says, “Spike.” This gif explains the horrible ending to the series:


Hey, there’s no harm in binge-watching these shows and wishing they were still on TV. Even though these shows have reruns, it’s still not the same! We’re still hoping for a Buffy movie or a Gilmore movie, and an O.C. reunion episode.

What were your favorite shows that got cancelled?


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