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Did anyone else notice in the last day the appearance of a green arrow marked “trending” whist scrolling through their iPhone or Android Facebook app? Next to a good friend’s status about Jay Leno and a promoted article on Jonah Hill, Facebook told me what was “buzzing” around their social media page. Just one of many of their changes that seem to look and smell a lot like Twitter.

According to , Facebook announced that they will begin testing, just on their mobile site, different topics that for which they see a “large spike in mentions.” These topics will appear on the right hand side of the classic Facebook news feed and can reflect events that I know I usually turn to Twitter to follow. For example, social media of all sorts is often immune to constant chatter, jokes and stati about presidential debates, sporting events or breaking news.

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Screen Shot via Facebook

These changes also seem to echo the format and unique aspects of Twitter. With a focus on companies, politicians, comedians and organizations on Twitter — I turn to the faster moving site when following high action events. On the other hand, if I want to see friend’s reactions or interpretations I often find myself on Facebook, and largely annoyed by the same advertisements on my newsfeed telling me “What I like” and “Programs I would be interested in.”

There’s no denying that the roles of these social media platforms will either change and morph into one, or will bring to fruition “a war of the social media worlds.”

What do you think? Is this a desperate attempt by Facebook to remain relevant? Or an indication of the changing social times to come?


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