Meet The Other Zuckerberg, Randi

When we hear the name “Zuckerberg” thoughts of Facebook and the infamous Mark Zuckerberg rush to mind. But the young CEO isn’t the only noteworthy Zuckerberg making an impact on our digital lives.

Meet , former Director of Market Development and Spokeswoman for Facebook, founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media, and Editor-In-Chief of Dot Complicated, a digital lifestyle website. Oh yeah, she is a wife, mother, and author too! (Just in case you thought she didn’t have enough on her plate). And, in case you’re wondering, she is indeed Mark Zuckerberg’s sister.

It seems that Randi’s mission in life is to take on the daunting task of simplifying the crazy digital world we live in. And who better to educate us than a woman who was on the frontline of it all?

Randi’s website, Dot Complicated, acts not only as a guide to stay in the loop of social media (and how to untangle the multiple loops we often get lost in), but also educates us on the etiquette of posting, what “selfies” really say about us, and when to put your phone down on vacation – to name a few.

Also worth mentioning is the focus of family and children on her website. She touches on issues such as parenting in the digital era and how to combat cyber bullying.

Dot Complicated

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Dot Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives, Zuckerberg’s newest book, takes themes from her website a step further as she offers a guide to understanding how technology and social media influence and inform our lives online, and off. A must read, this book focuses on privacy, online presence, networking, etiquette, and the future of social change.

“Technology and social media have changed, enhanced, and complicated every facet of our lives—from how we interact with our friends to how we elect presidents, from how we manage our careers to how we support important causes, to how we find love…” the book states.

So fear not, as we begin to receive digital wedding invitations, chat with politicians on Twitter, and perfect the “selfie” Randi Zuckerberg is there to educate and guide us as we navigate our way through this complex, digital world.



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    Mara Maddox

    Thanks for sharing, this is on my list to download on my Kindle!