Instagram Introduces Hyperlapse

Last summer they introduced video, this summer’s it your personal time lapsing app. Today, Instagram debuted their new app, Hyperlapse, captures video and time lapses it, even in motion. With a built-in stabilization technology that forgives any shaking or jolting caused when holding your iPhone or using it in motion, the app allows users to create seamless time lapsed videos to share on their phone.

screen568x568-1 screen568x568We see this is a great counterpoint to Apple’s introduction of slo-mo videos with the iPhone 5S. With Hyperlapse, users can choose the playback speed for the video they shot; however, the app does not allow you to upload and speed up previously recorded videos. Let us know when that feature comes out, though.

For now, the feature is exclusively available in Apple’s App Store.

Have you checked out the app? Created any videos? Let us know in the comments below!


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