5 Monumental Tech Trends for 2014

While 2013 brought tons of new technology to the forefront of innovation, we’re excited to see what the standout technologies of 2014 will be. Here are some of our predictions of how technology is likely to pan out in the coming year.

Smart Clothes

2014 represents the year in which new types of smart wearable clothes will be thrust into the market. Forecasts predict, that by the year 2018, sales from these smart garments will reach $2.03 billion.

OMsignal, the first manufacturer of bio-sensing apparels that can track your daily health as well as wellness, is one of the companies to watch. Their clothing has sensors embedded which monitor your breathing and heart rate. Then, you would use their OMsignal app, which displays your results of the day.

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Smart TV’s

Another area where technology is expected to make a big leap is in the field of smart television. They are expected to have enhanced intelligence as we move into 2014. The term “smart’ will no longer just be used for phones and other technology products, but also for televisions. With Samsung releasing its SMART TV ES9000 with a size of 75-inches; it conveys that this is just the tip of the iceberg for the future of smart TV’s.

3-D Printing

It is estimated that 2014 will bring a 75 percent growth to the field of 3-D printing. By 2015, growth is projected to increase by 200 percent. The hype (pervaded through the consumer market) has caused many organizations to believe that 3-D printing is a real, cost-effective, and viable method to reduce the costs of printing and manufacturing via improved designs, short-run manufacturing, and prototyping.


This refers to the printing of real living tissue materials that are used to replace body parts such as your legs, arms, and organs, which have been damaged as a result of natural causes or accidents. It is believed that, in future, this printing technology will have the ability to print solutions to health complications. Experts say, that come 2014, bio-printing may be as convenient as printing images of your favorite animals.

Virtual Reality

Although the virtual reality concept has been around for nearly 30 years now, many of the early iterations were either too impractical, expensive, or just too large for home use.

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On the other hand, the Oculus Rift is a display device you can wear to view HD video. At $300, it is relatively budget-friendly, especially when compared to other preceding devices. In addition, its manufacturers encourage developers to help them create more advanced uses for this device.

It is inevitable that we are becoming a much more connected and smart world. Scientific advancements continue to move forward, allowing us to enjoy more comfortable and awe-inspiring lives. Which tech trends are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment sections below!By 

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    Marjorie M

    Nice article. I am excited for all of these trends!

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