Top 5 Reasons to Plan a Fall Wedding

Reasons for Fall Weddings

I was married in November, and when I told my friends and family the date, I remember getting a ton of weird looks. While they were (of course!) excited for me and my husband to be, I think many of them were worried a fall wedding just wouldn’t have the pizzazz as one in the traditional wedding months during the spring of summer. But let me tell you, fall is the PERFECT time to pull off a gorgeous and luxurious fest, sometimes even saving a few pennies along the way. Here are my top five reasons to book that big day during the autumn months:

  1. The Colors - The colors of the fall are easily the hottest thing out there right now. Oranges, reds, yellows, deep purples and blues…how can you go wrong? Everything from the flowers to the table setting will look extra lush using these rich hues.
  2. The Crisp Weather - While summer and spring weddings are beautiful in my neck of the woods (the Midwest) they can be tricky when it comes to weather. I have attended more weddings than I can count with giant rainstorms hovering overhead or sweat dripping down my neck while makeup melts off my face. The fall months are so lovely, with a nice bite in the air and the leaves changing colors, that you might even be more comfortable in an outdoor setting. And who wouldn’t want to get married while colorful leaves drop from the sky?
  3. A Vintage Flair - Vintage wedding apparel and accessories look so amazing in the fall. Imagine a schoolhouse themed wedding or a bride wearing a pillbox hat and veil. It just seems more fitting in the fall.
  4. The Food - A fall wedding is the perfect time to try out some seasonal eats. Serve a rich meal with mini carmel apples on a stick for dessert! Or try a pumpkin cake, apple pies or fruit tarts! The possibilities are endless (and delicious).
  5. Shrink Your Budget - Since fall weddings aren’t as common as those in the warmer seasons, you’re more likely to get great deals on everything from a rental space to photos. Many wedding vendors offer special deals in the autumn months, so make sure you ask!
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