Six Books to Guide You Through Your Twenties

I think all twenty-somethings (myself included) can agree that this decade we’re in is a tough one. We are forced to make countless decisions that will ultimately affect the rest of our lives and as we progress throughout this decade, the decisions we need to make only get more difficult. From choosing a career, to choosing friends, to choosing a spouse, and everything in between, it can sometimes feel as though there are endless questions and a limited number of answers.

When I find myself in need of direction, I often turn to books for guidance and advice. Today, I’ve rounded up six books I have read that I believe all twenty-somethings should read if they find themselves asking, “Are the decisions I am making the right ones?”


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Author Christine Hassler does an incredible job of giving sound advice while asking readers to answer important questions, set priorities, and discover what exactly it will take to achieve their goals.


Clinical psychologist, Dr. Meg Jay, gathers years of experience with twenty somethings and explains why this decade is quite possibly the most important decade in one’s life. Along with giving excellent advice, Dr. Jay shares stories of her patients experiences so readers are left with the feeling that they are not alone in their struggles.


Author and quarter-life expert Christine Hassler says many twenty somethings experience what she calls an, “Expectation hangover.” In this book, twenty something women (and men!) share their successes and failures and fill readers in on what they learned along the way.


Sheryl Sandberg educates women on why they are not getting the equality and the leadership roles they are qualified for in the workplace and teaches them how to lean in, properly ask for what they deserve, and become a more effective leader in the process. This is not only an essential read for women, but one for men as well.



If you had to write a letter to your younger self, what would you say? Remarkable women like Ann Curry, Maya Angelou, Kate Spade, Trish McEvoy, and many more write letters to the women they once were, giving advice and sharing what they wish they had known.


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