Why Paris is Always a Good Idea

Paris is always a good idea
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We’ve all heard (or seen on ) the wise words from Audrey Hepburn, “Paris is always a good idea.” While I’ve never had the chance to travel to The City of Light, I think I’m in agreement with her. The more I read, see, study, and fight back incredible urges of wanderlust, Paris really does seem like a good idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I was overcome with joy when Carrie and Mr. Big finally ended up together, but my favorite episodes (and outfits) were those in Paris. And by all means, I love my American cities as much as the next fashion-obsessed girl, but are there any chicer women out there than Parisians? I think not. And while I know there is more to French cuisine than pretty desserts, I want nothing more than to sip champagne and eat macarons all day long. Even though Chuck and Blair weren’t wrapped up in romance, those were some of my favorite moments from Gossip Girl, as well. My point is this, sometimes a girl just has to dream a bit, let her storybook imagination run wild and have, well, a moment. A moment that includes a small apartment above a pâtisserie, long walks down winding side streets, trips to the Louvre, a simply chic wardrobe, and your best girlfriend with whom to share it all. I often dream of my own Midnight in Paris moment. Not necessarily partying with Zelda Fitzgerald, but experiencing a place morning, noon, and night and loving them all the same. Finding beauty in a place no matter the circumstance. Miss Hepburn was definitely on to something, if you ask me.

So, readers, do you ever find yourself thinking some place is “a good idea?” Do share!


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