It’s Chili Time!

It's chili time

Now that fall is officially upon us, I have a confession to make: fall foods are my favorite. So much so, that if it comes in pumpkin spice, I must have it. Great fashion, great food… who can ask for more out of a season?

One of my absolute favorite fall foods is chili. For the record- my Dad makes the best chili ever, and by no means am I trying to win this epic chili battle between generations, but I must admit I made a pretty darn good bowl. (Hi Dad if your reading this!!!)

So, a few days ago, as I was deciding on what I should cook my boyfriend and I for dinner, I decided on chili. By the way- if you like to cook, download the App. I did not too long ago, and I’m obsessed! It’s extremely user friendly, and the ‘DinnerSpinner’ tool is perfect for building meals around the sparse (and sometimes random) items I have laying around my kitchen.

 One of the recipe’s that came up in my Chili search was Chicken Chili with Black Beans and Corn. After reading through the list of ingredients, and watching the video, I figured I’d give it a go. Although I didn’t put on a flawless performance during the actual cooking, the final result was amazing! What a success! Not only was it super easy and EXTREMELY delicious, my boyfriend thought so too. It’s actually a pretty healthy meal- 188 calories in a serving? You can’t go wrong.

What are your favorite fall recipes? I’m always looking to expand my recipe book!


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