Escaping the Hometown Slump

I am convinced that if you live in the suburbs it is quite easy to become bored. Maybe it’s just me being restless, but if you frequent the same bars and restaurants and hit the same stores in your weekly errand run you could feel the same way. For a while you enjoy the routine, the familiarity, and convenience of having a Target only ten minutes away. However, the small town charm can leave you dreaming of more and if I was dating the city I call home, I would say we were in a rut. Taking a look at our relationship, I’ve secretly been longing to cheat with other cities. Unfortunately, I can’t just pack up and leave, or see another city every weekend. At the moment I have to make the best of where I am and try to pull myself out from this slump. This prompted me to begin rediscovering the area I live in. I found that if I pushed myself there was plenty to see beyond my front door!
Escaping the Hometown Slump

Act like a tourist: Google “What to do in (fill in your city here)” or pick up an area magazine. These may be geared towards visitors, but they can help you fill in your calendar. You are sure to find a number of events, museums, and attractions. If there are surrounding cities that are easily accessible search for those too.

Save a weekend: It is tempting to postpone scheduling anything that could be done any weekend. Why go on that tour now when you could do it later or go to a baseball game when the season isn’t over yet? But this is what you must do to avoid staying in the rut. Do your grocery shopping and pick up the dry cleaning Friday night so Saturday can be spent guiltlessly exploring.

Take it all in: This weekend I followed my own advice. I admit I didn’t have the greatest expectations but I was pleasantly surprised! We visited a historical home and a new bar and I would be happy to visit both again. You can learn to love the place you’re in only if you’re willing to exert some effort.


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