7 Storm-Proof Activities

Storm Activities
Image: AFP
Here are 7 things that will get you through any storm and make your jump back into the work week more successful and productive.

1.     Organize Your Cellphone

Delete numbers you took down while you were drunk in the bar, photos your butt took, and old memos.

2.     Clear Your Desktop Clutter

I know I’m not the only person who treats their computer desktop like a personal Pintrest page [sans the organized boards]. Put stuff in folders and get reunited with your pretty desktop image!

3.     Make a Vision Board

All those magazines you have piling up? Make use of them! Cut out outfits you hope to rock this fall and positive words to wake up to every morning.

4.     Go Gaga on Your Nails

I am very shade of pink here, maybe a little white for dramatic summer night. A total snooze fest when it comes to my nails, but tonight – I am painting my nails multiple colors!

5.     Catch Up On Your Craft

Finally take a minute to read all those articles you’ve bookmarked about bettering your business, your brand, and the importance of social media – or cupcakes or whatever floats your boat! (No #Sandy pun intended.)

6.     Finish That Book

All caught up on your craft? Good for you! Finish that book you started months ago. I’m still catching up on my 50 Shades trilogy  and steering clear of wine while doing so.

7.     Sleep!

Needs no explanation.  If you are always on the go like me, this storm is the only time I won’t feel guilty for catching some extra Z’s.
Most importantly, stay safe!
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