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“We strive to make the world happier, one yogi at a time.”

Rina Yoga

Rina Jakubowicz of Miami, Florida is definitely making yogis everywhere a little happier with the release of her Snooze Yoga app. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out this notable yoga app and I fell in love with it! It’s designed for us busy gals and guys with lots of responsibilities that may cut into our workout time. Now, with Snooze Yoga, we can focus on everything important in our lives..including ourselves! With this app, you can do yoga in the office, at home, hotel, plane (you get the idea), simply anywhere that allows for a 5 minute break. It really doesn’t get any easier to experience the health benefits of yoga!

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The amazing features:

Snooze Yoga has 17 yoga sequences; with guided pictures and videos to be sure you have proper form. These sequences include Happiness for my Hips, Namaste for a New Day, Nightcap for my Core…just to name a few. You get to choose if you want a soothing, relaxing routine or something a little more intense, for a satisfying mind body workout in little time.  There’s also tons of flexibility depending on how much time you have.

Here’s a little more detail on your routine options from iTunes!

SNOOZE – Start your day with a stretch.
Happiness for My Hips
Breakfast for My Back
Sugar for My Shoulders
Namaste to a New Day
Relaxing form My Rest

PERK UP – Make a great affirmation today while you practice your selected sequence.
I am Relaxed
I am Refreshed
I am Strength
I am Balanced
I am Grounded

NIGHTFALL – Unwind and prepare for a good night’s sleep
Romance for My Relaxation
Stargazing for My Spine
Nightcap for My Core
Homey for My Hips
Blessings for My Body
Guided Relaxation with Music
Guided Relaxation without Music

What’s my favorite routine? I’d have to go with Nightcap for my Core – I just love the yoga abdominal exercises (like Boat Pose) offered in this sequence, and we even get to do Happy Baby Pose, an all time favorite.

The alarm clock feature on this app is so unique! It allows you to set alarms as reminders to yourself during the day to stop for yoga.. morning, noon and night. You even get to choose the sequence you want to do at that time, and can have the same alarm repeated daily if wanted. This distinctive feature definitely insures for staying on track in your yoga practice.

AND, the peaceful music and gentle alarm sounds make for a much more favorable yoga experience, no matter where you are.

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What if you don’t have a mat in your on-the-go lifestyle? Rina offers videos on her site, including this DIY Yoga mat clip. There’s really no excuse to leave yoga out of your hectic day!

DIY Yoga Mats — powered by ehow

Check out Rina’ site for more feel good inspiration, including her book Choose Peace, a refreshing guide on how to find inner peace.

“Rina’s book offers a refreshing perspective for those willing to change negative patterns, fearlessly search within, and ultimately, choose peace …consciously”.

And of course, be sure to download Snooze Yoga to get your yoga on anywhere, anytime!


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