Little Yogis


Practicing yoga can be so beneficial for a person: mind, body and spirit, and it seems like everyone is doing it. Can this practice be beneficial for little ones too? Yoga seems to be incorporated in children’s lives nowadays, with schools implementing this practice during school hours in hopes of offering a fun, new activity and reducing the stress associated with schoolwork. You may even see kids in your own yoga class nowadays. I’ve definitely noticed their presence in my classes more frequently recently and it got me me thinking: are they benefiting from this like the rest of us? They seem to be doing a great job and following along with the teacher, making it through the entire class and peacefully breathing during Savasana (total relaxation and meditation at the end of class) – something not easy for even most adults!

Wow, what an enriching experience for a young mind. Maybe yoga (or similar activities) is the answer for less stressed out children, and later down the road, adults.  Maybe yoga for kids can offer the same mind, body, spirit benefits that adults get from this practice. Teaching this stress reducing exercise to children now may enable them to retreat and find peace on their yoga mat later on, when the big life stressors pile on.

Want to learn more? Check out Do You Yoga for some enlightenment and maybe even help bring yoga to schools near you with Yoga Gangsters.

And, how about trying some yoga with your kids, younger siblings or with the little guys you nanny over summer? Hop on over to Pop Sugar Fitness for some tips & kid friendly yoga moves!


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