5 Tips to Beat Workout Boredom


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Do you ever have a week or even a month of exercise where you’re just not looking forward to the same old routine? That used to be me, so I decided to change it up when I felt the need and always try cool classes (side note: newest addiction= Barre classes) As much as I love trying new things and changing it up, I also love the feeling of routine. So, to compromise with my oxymoron need of change and structure, I decided to adapt a flexible yet scheduled workout plan!

Here’s how:

  • Decide what you love and what you don’t like so much (but know you should include for those health benefits)
  • Come up with a schedule from there. Look up classes at your gym, pick certain home videos to do on certain days, decide what time of day you’re going to workout and stick with it, etc. (you get the idea)
  • Here’s where beating he boredom comes in..choose flexibility in the area that bores you or that you don’t like as much. For me, it’s cardio.  I love yoga, Bodyflow and Barre classes so those are musts for me in my weekly workout schedule. I’m not crazy about strictly cardio, like logging hours on a treadmill or elliptical or even outside (only right now with this Florida heat!) So I decided to be creative and flexible with this area..I like doing shorter segments of strictly cardio, like 15-20 minutes about 2-3x a week. Instead of doing the same thing, I switch it up and utilize the short amount of time. Some days it’s he bike, others elliptical or treadmill. Whatever I’m feeling that day or week.
  • Do intervals and even switch those up too! I love the interval programs on the machine. Some weeks I’ll do 2:1 intervals, and other days I’ll choose 1:1 or extra hills.
  • Get outside! No matter what workout you’re doing, yoga, weight video, or running, being outside will provide a nice change of scenery and get you closer to nature. When the weather gets cooler, I’ll be power walking and jogging outside for sure!

My workout classes don’t bore me and I love them, so I have certain days scheduled for those and stick to it for the most part. But the flexibility in the cardio aspect creates a toleration and dare I say enjoyment at times. Who doesn’t love watching The Today Show while burning cals? Plus, my heart needs it.

I feel that intuitive eating and intuitive working out are just as important for your health and happiness. Listen to your body..do you feel like biking today for cardio? Do that! Your body knows what you need and what you’ll enjoy the most. Working out should be enjoyed as much as it should be beneficial to your health. Don’t worry so much about what you think you “should” be doing or what burns the most calories or even just wanting to follow a strict plan. All of that can create stress which affects your workouts, health and overall life. Plus, it’s no fun at all to live so rigid. It’s all about balance, routine with flexibility. Balance in food, exercise and life.

I hope you can use these quick tips to help find your balance and beat that workout boredom!

By Megan Cardillo

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  • Reply September 25, 2013

    Katrina Manning

    Great article. I take time to find workouts I love, because boredom can easily happen for me. =)

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