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Over here at Sweet Lemon, we’re fans of food. But we’re also big fans of living a healthy life, and eating what is good for you. That’s why we partnered up with Health Warrior to bring you one of the healthiest foods on the planet: chia. Did you know that chia is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet? Well now you do, and we’re pretty sure you want to try it out ASAP.


Lucky for us, Health Warrior sent us some delicious Chia bars to test out. We sampled the Banana Nut, Acai Berry, and Coconut flavors. These bars are a great combination of crunchiness and tastiness, and the texture is chewy and moist. The bars are actually filling, and you get all the benefits of Chia, with a delicious flavor. Our personal favorite was the Coconut – it’s perfect for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack. One of our favorite things about these bars is that you get all the energy you need, without all the added sugars, chemicals, and ingredients we simply can’t pronounce. Not only do we love Health Warrior’s fantastic product, but we love their mission.

“Health Warrior is dedicated to vetting the world’s growers for the highest quality Chia and helping people conquer the many challenges of their everyday lives.”

Now that’s something we can get behind. Just like Sweet Lemon wants you to pursue a fruitful mind, Health Warrior just wants you to conquer the world, one delicious chia bar at a time. One of our favorite parts of Health Warrior is their ‘Tribe’ – a group of ambitious, strong people that are ‘living the Warrior Way.’ We challenge you to be a part of the Health Warrior tribe, not only by falling in love with chia, but by striving to live life to the fullest in every way possible. Want to see the Health Warrior Tribe in action? Peep their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get the latest.


Enter this fantastic giveaway and you could win some wonderful Health Warrior goodies so that you, too, can be a warrior god or goddess of well, anything your little heart desires. Three of our lovely lemon readers are only a few clicks away from winning some of these delicious Health Warrior chia bars.

Want to know more about Health Warrior? Check out their site to stock up on more yummy chia products, find new recipes and explore the Warrior Way.

UPDATE: Congrats to our winners, Brandon Faske, Katie, and Claire Wyatt, on winning the giveaway! You should have received an email; however, please email if you haven’t heard from us!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Health Warrior on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

This post was sponsored by Health Warrior.

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  • Reply September 16, 2013

    Margaret Mulkerrin

    Thank you for another great giveaway! Love when Sweet Lemon rewards loyal readers and staff! :)

  • Reply September 18, 2013

    mmm sounds yummy! Now I really want to try them!