A Taste of Fall: DIY Beer Tasting

Looking for a fun way to spend an evening with friends this fall? I’ve got just the thing! This Halloween, I was looking for something different and fun to do to celebrate. I had also been craving a beer or wine tasting for some time, so I decided that Halloween would be a perfect excuse to satisfy my sweet tooth, complete with pumpkin and Octoberfest beer, plenty of candy, and pumpkins for decor.

Check out how it turned out, and feel free to copycat!


The best part? It was super easy to put together! Here’s what to do:

  1. Buy 6 (or more) seasonal beers- I went to my local beverage store, grabbed a create your own 6 pack carrier, and headed to the seasonal beer section. Pick and choose your favorites, and don’t forget to get ones you’ve never heard of! That can only make the tasting that much better for comparing tastes.
  2. Buy or dig out beer glasses, one per type of beer, and glasses for each guest to have.
  3. Grab a tray to put the glasses and beer caps on (for labels). This is a great way to present the different beers without having to fumble around with paper and pens.
  4. Act as the beer connoisseur, presenting each beer, reading the label, alcohol content and brief description. Pour two splashes per guest and let the commenting begin. Pour the remaining contents of each bottle into the glass set aside on the tray (this will come in handy later).
  5. Continue on until all beers have been tasted and chatted about, then offer your guest a second or third tasting. We decided to do a blind taste test which was also a ton of fun. Simply choose a beer per guest (don’t let them see), pour in their glass, and let the guessing begin!
  6. After the tasting comes to an end, have each guest pick their favorite. Then offer them the remainder of the tasting bottle, which is in the glass on the tray. They can enjoy that beer and of course more if wanted, so be sure to stock up on extras to keep the celebration going!


The Shopping List:

  • Seasonal beer (6 types should do, plus extras for enjoyment)
  • Serving tray or a tasting board
  • Labels for beer names – I used the bottle caps
  • Glasses (enough for one per guest, and one per beer type)
  • Fun friends! (Hopefully you won’t have to buy these)

I hope you feel inspired to do a little something this season to celebrate because, why not? Celebrate the season, holiday or simply your amazing life!

“And as we strive for a better life, I think one of the healthiest things to do is actually celebrate.”

– Mastin Kipp 

Maybe an evening with friends or family will allow you to do just that…so serve, taste, and celebrate!


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