Sipping mimosa’s in Retirement-World, Florida may be a blip in the far-off future. But it’s not. Don’t wait to learn about your finances at 35. You need to know where you would like to be at 65 and how to get there. Retirement-World may be your ideal, but what if you want to retire in the South of France or own a home off the coast of Greece?

Your retirement fund may be in progress, but investments are about investing in the short- and long-term future. You may just want a bulging wallet for right now. In your quest to earn extra cash, a second job may not yield the best results. If it leaves you exhausted and unproductive in the morning, investing may be another way to save up for your favorite hobby, entrepreneurial dreams, or a graduate degree.

Before investing, understand there are two different markets: the stock market and the “dealer” or money market. According to Investopedia, dealer markets act on their own accord in terms of accounts and risks where brokers acts as agents for investors who obtain the risk.


If you are looking for a quicker and more lucrative return, Sweet Lemon offers advice on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but make sure you know what you are willing to lose. Investing is about gaining money, but there are always risks. Determine your monetary goal and your risk.

Morningstar defines money markets as fixed, short-term, low risk cash investments encompassing a variety of assets such as certificate of deposits, treasury bills (T-bills), and other safe securities.

Money markets are a great addition to your portfolio of stock, bonds, or mutual funds. Depending on your initial investment, it may not be a quick return, but it could be a steady return offsetting your riskier investments.

Within the money market, there are certificate of deposits or CDs. CDs are open-value time deposits with a fixed maturity date and specific interest rate. Due to their safety and calculable profit, CDs are a solid investment. However, according to Investopedia, the disadvantages lie in comparable profitability and the fixed timeline.

Treasury bills or T-bills are government issued securities sold at a lower value than worth that mature and earn interest. T-bills have a short lifespan ranging from one month to four months.

Due to the low risk, both investments have lower returns compared to the stock market. However, depending on the interest rate and T-bill bidding process, savvy financiers can make a nice profit and add to your budding portfolio.

You may have already started handling your finances, but we are all balancing and learning more about our preferences and options with our financial future. Money markets are a great way to ease yourself into more financial responsibility without running a high risk.

Now you know the basics; go get your investment on!

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