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Clothes can say a lot about a woman.  They can tell you where she’s going, give you an idea of what she does for a living.  They can tell you if she’s trendy and modern, or classic and effortless.  They can even let you know if she’s happy or if she’s not feeling her best.  Every outfit we choose is a fashion statement, outwardly representing the impression that we want to make at any given time.

However, the clothes that we choose can be more than a fashion statement.  The clothes we choose can make a statement.

They can say that we’re committed to ethical, affordable fashion; that we want to preserve artisanal techniques; that we care about the livelihoods of the people producing our clothes; and that we’re mindful of the impact that the production of our clothing has on the environment.

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While that’s certainly a lot for piece of clothing to say, it’s the statement that each of Passion Lilie’s beautiful, hand tailored pieces makes.

Founded in New Orleans in January of 2013 by Katie Schmidt, Passion Lilie offers dressesskirts, and accessories in a variety gorgeous fabrics made by Indian artisans.  Some pieces, such as the adorable Heidi’s Red Dress, feature hand printed patterns, created using the art of Indian hand block printing.  All of the fabrics are woven and dyed by hand, sourced from certified Fair Trade suppliers, and are produced sustainably, without the use of electricity or harmful chemicals.

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Passion Lilie’s vintage inspired designs are trendy, but timeless, and incredibly versatile.  The Lucille Dress (named after funny lady Lucille Ball) would be perfect for the office when topped with a blazer, but could dressed down with a great denim jacket.  The Garden District Dress is a black-and-white stunner with sweet criss-cross straps and covetable pockets that’s equally suitable for date night and brunch with the girls.  The Feeling Feisty Skirt, which wouldn’t look out of place in the closet of New Girl’s Jess, almost begs to be worn on autumn strolls and trips to the farmer’s market.  All of the pieces are made with a care and attention to detail that makes them instant wardrobe staples.

When you’re choosing a new piece (or two, or more!) to add to your wardrobe this fall, visit Passion Lilie and choose to make a statement.

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By Ally Stuart

This post was sponsored by Passion Lilie

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  • Reply September 30, 2013

    Frances Stuart

    A very insightful piece Ally. Nice.

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    Dress + pockets = me happy :)