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Life is absolutely crazy and there’s no end in site.  That’s the story for most of us, but there’s a new movement on the horizon.  I was so excited when Sleepy Jones launched this past summer and not only did I fall in love with their classic pajamas, but I thought that they also had a special message to share with all of us : sometimes you just need to do nothing.  That phrase alone is normally enough to strike fear into my heart.  I’m not joking.  If I was seriously forced to sit and do nothing for more than say an hour I am usually about to panic because things simply aren’t getting done.  It’s like I can feel the work piling up around me.  The constant goal is just to check, check, check everything off of the to do list.  The truth is that we all get caught up and sometimes we all need to take a step back, sit still, enjoy the moment, and do absolutely nothing.

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The past few weekends I have slept unprecedentedly late (in my favorite Sleepy Jones pajamas, of course).  I’ve lingered in bed for just a bit longer and enjoyed every extra second of being wrapped in all of that fluffy white down, especially with the sun just peeking in the windows for just a little bit longer. And that’s exactly what Sleepy Jones is shooting for : slowing down, enjoying the day, waking up slowly, lulling over breakfast, watching the clouds roll by outside of your window.  Our minds are so busy, quickly dashing from one thing to the next, or even dashing between a million things simultaneously and it really is an art to just giving yourself up to a moment, to let yourself just completely relax, to feel the warmth and comfort and beauty that’s all around you and to not be thinking about your inbox or whatever else.

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“Sit back.  Stare at the ceiling. Stay a while. We’re starting a little movement of non-movement.  It’s easy to join.  You don’t really have to do anything.  Just kick your pants off and let your mind wander.  See what happens while wearing a little less.  Spoon. Cocoon.  Tinker. Plot.  Ponder in your underwear.  Picasso did.  And it worked out pretty well from him.”  - via

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I mean, if we’re being completely honest who doesn’t secretly love to stay in their pajamas or wander around the apartment sans pants (you know you do).  And what better uniform for this movement of non-movement than the classic silk striped pajamas and ruffle trimmed undies that these guys are offering up?

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